Danube Day 2017 in Romania

Join us on July 1st for a joint Ukrainian-Romanian celebration in Tyachiv. Bringing communities together, this public event will emphasize Danube solidarity, recognising how important the Tisza and Danube rivers are for people living on both sides of the border. The family festival is organised by Ukraine's Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Romanian Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. See Ukraine for more details.
Date: Saturday 1st July 2017

Danube Day festivities are also being held across southern Romania, with a national celebration led by the Environment Ministry and Romanian Waters, with support from Coca Cola Hellenic and the participation of local authorities, institutions and civil society. Full details will be available soon.
Date: to be confirmed.

Local events are planned across the Danube municipalities. All 11 Water Basin Administrations will hold special Danube Day meetings. Much of the day is aimed at nurturing curiosity, environmental commitment and solidarity among young people. School children and the general public will be invited to a multitude of inspiring, educational and, above all, fun events led by local authorities and NGOs.
Date: June 2017.

Further information

More details will be added as they become available so check back soon! For the latest news, please contact:

Anca Finantu of the Ministry of Environment, Waters & Forests on +40 7582 48357; +40 21 408 9642; anca.finantu@mmediu.ro.

Elvira Marchidan of the Romanian Waters National Administration on +40 21 315 5535; +40 21 408 9642; elvira.marchidan@rowater.ro.

To see how all the countries celebrated last year, go to Review 2016. You can also revisit 13 years of Romanian Danube Day celebrations via the general Review page.