2022 Review

Every year, Danube Day invites the 79 million people in the 14 countries of the Danube River Basin to celebrate one of Europe's greatest river systems, along with the rich diversity of people and wildlife that rely on it. A range of events and activities took place across the Danube River Basin to mark 2022 Danube Day.

Danube Day 2022 at a glance

While the 2020 and 2021 Danube Day celebrations had to accommodate COVID-19 safety restrictions by holding online events, this year saw the return of outdoor events throughout several Danube countries! Various online activities also took place, including various special articles and coverage as an alternative to physical events, online games and one-off website and internet experiences, online talks, video conferences, shareable short films, and much else.

This year's theme was “Discover Danube", inspired by the 4th Joint Danube Survey (JDS4), one of the world’s most comprehensive surface water monitoring efforts. The findings of JDS4, first published in 2021, have been disseminated throughout the Danube River Basin to inform the public about vital data on water quality across the Danube River and its major tributaries.

The Danube Day poster design for 2022 featured the motto, #DiscoverDanube, this time against a yellow background. Like every year, our signature Danube Day branded bags were also sent out to our partners throughout the Danube River Basin.

Stay tuned to #DanubeDay and #DiscoverDanube on Social Media or watch this space for further updates.


  • Danube Day 2022 festivities in Austria started on 13th June with a boat tour organised in cooperation with the new LIFE WILDisland project at the heart of the National Park Donau Auen. A total of five boats with 50 students paddled the stretch from Fischamend to Haslau to experience Danube and islands, and learn about animals and plants. A joint clean up event also took place.  
  • For visitors who joined on 14th and 15th June, stations were designed and operated by National Park rangers and partner organisations in the National Park House, the "SchlossORTH National Park Center". Children from various schools had the opportunity to deepen and test their knowledge of the Danube at nine interactive stations. The young researchers had the chance to get to the bottom of the secret of the “mumbling mussels”, to track down aquatic plants by “smelling, tasting, dripping and bubbling”, to solve a “criminal case” involving a water flea and a water hose, as well as get to the bottom of the flight logic of dragonflies.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this event: Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Wasserwirtschaft, Viadonau, Stadt Wien – Wiener Gewässer and Nationalpark Donau-Auen.

In total, 700 pupils explored the festivities of the Danube Day 2022 in Austria
All photos: Marlena König / Danube Day


In Bulgaria, more than 50 events were organised in the cities along the river to mark Danube Day 2022:

  • Under the motto “Be Proactive” the Lom Municipality and the Local Initiative Group Lom got together to organise a variety of activities in the town of Lom, including waltzes and concerts, jet demonstrations, as well as a competition for the best Lom fish brine. Additionally, a large trash/waste collection effort also took place.
  • In the village of Dolni Tsibar, many educational activities and a cycling race were organised by ODK – Valchedrum and the municipality of Valcedrum. The attendees also took part in a clean up effort on the river banks.
  • On the occasion of this year’s celebration of Danube Day in the town of Kozloduy, eleven handmade rafts were sent down the Danube River with individual messages from children, hoping the rafts would surprise recipients along the river and inspire their response. The initiative concluded a range of activities organised by the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW). The fisherman, Valentin Stoykov, with whose help the rafts made out of pine cones sailed with the strongest stream of the Danube waters, assured children that the fleet had a real chance of reaching the point where the river flows into the Black Sea.

    While the young artists were making their rafts, employees of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (Kozloduy NPP) and their families took part in clean up events. For the first time, re-stocking with 1,000 three-month-old fish was carried out in the area of the Kozloduy port.

    Furthermore, the Kozloduy Municipality organised various environmental initiatives during the Fish Festival. Young volunteers got involved in the cleaning of green spaces in Botev Park. A creative workshop invited the participants to create colour panels from plastic cups.

    The youngest participants could do some colouring of drawings of endangered species of birds and fish found in the Danube River basin. The children also participated in a quiz and could win nice prizes.

Various activities for the youngest ones were organised in the town of Kozloduy

  • In the village of Baikal, part of the municipality of Dolna Mitropolia, Danube Day celebrations as is tradition included a diverse range of activities and initiatives organised by the municipality of Dolna Mitropolia, the Baikal Village Hall, the “Probuda-1925” Community Centre and the “Danube” Eco Club at the Municipal Centre for Extracurricular Activities and Interest Activities in Baikal.
  • An interactive GPS map of the Danube River with its characteristic plant and animal species was accessible via QR codes that were installed at various locations. Additionally, a stand named “Tiny Science of the Big River” provided visitors with an opportunity to perform scientific experiments, conduct water analysis and learn about water purification methods. The Danube Day celebrations in Baikal concluded with an open-air exhibition themed “Inspiration from the Danube” and the presentation of certificates “Friend of the Danube” by engineer Petar Dimitrov, director of the DRBD.

A mixture of art and science marked this year’s Danube Day celebration in the village of Baikal

  • On the river bank near the village of Zagrazhden, an annual initiative “My Adventure by the Danube” was organised by the Gulyantsi Municipality and the Local Commission for Combating Antisocial Behaviour of Minors with the aim to encourage children's thinking and initiative in the field of environmental protection and natural resources, as well as to instill love and respect for the river and nature in adolescents. The event included an insightful discussion with a local fisherman, a quiz under the theme “The Riches of the Danube”, fun games, an outdoor art studio offering opportunities to make panels, drawings or models from natural material, as well as a clean up effort.
  • In the town of Nikopol in Northern Bulgaria, Danube Day celebrations included interactive educational models, concerts, competitions, exhibitions, cleaning efforts on the Danube and its tributaries, and a Danube Day info campaign. All activities were organised by the NAPREDAK 1871 Community Centre and Nikopol Municipality.  
  • At the same time, from 25th – 30th June, Danube Day celebrations were also organised in the town of Belene. Various activities such as interactive educational models, representation of Danube countries and traditional Bulgarian customs, and a Danube Day info campaign awaited the visitors.
  • In the town of Svishtov, over 100 people took part in a clean up effort as part of the “Let’s Clean the Danube Together” campaign, which was organised by "Eco Partners Bulgaria", Kayak Club - Svishtov, DRBD and "Waste free oceans" Foundation with the aim to promote the protection of waters and the Danube bank, waste sorting, collecting, and recycling.

A large clean up effort was held in the town of Svishtov

  • A series of events were held in Ruse on the occasion of Danube Day 2022, including educational initiatives, competitions, interactive games for the youngest ones, as well as vocal and dance performances. The State Opera Ruse organised a special concert dedicated to the Danube, entitled “Along the Course of the Blue Danube”.

    Additionally, two activities were organised by RIEW - Ruse. Firstly, participants of the "Ecology" and "Contemporary" clubs of the "Nedka Ivan Obretenova" high school were able to visit the Naval Tower in the city of Ruse, use the opportunity to learn some historical facts about shipping, and explore one of the 6 hydrometeorological services of the Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River (EAEMDR). The agency is traditionally a co-organiser of Danube Day events.

    Then, children from "Barborino" Educational Centre visited the Information Centre of the Ecoinspection. With the help of the Regional Laboratory - Ruse, they performed express analyses of water samples from three sections of the river. Moreover, they learned about the role of the individual units of the ministry in the protection of the Danube, how many countries and European capitals the river passes through and the role of the citizens of the Danube in preserving the rich biological diversity of the Danube River Basin.
  • The Danube Festival of the Senses under the motto “Danube Experience” was held in Silistra in order to introduce an experiential tourism concept created for the Danube region of Bulgaria, consisting of several interrelated elements: cuisine, wine, adventure, culture and history. Thematic stations with a variety of activities awaited visitors of the festival that aims to connect and promote local producers of goods and service operators who create tourist value and develop the tourist market in the Danube region.
  • “Inspiration from the Danube“ was the motto of the tenth environmental school of the Youth Water Parliament. Young people from all over the country participated in various activities dedicated to the environment, such as clean up efforts, and research of plant and animal species. A special group for water monitoring carried out a study of the Osam, Iskar and Danube rivers. A lecture dedicated to plastic recycling was held.

    The summer Eco School was organised with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water, and hosted by the Dolna Mitropolia Municipality and DRBD.

“Inspiration from the Danube“ was the motto of the tenth environmental school
organised on the occasion of Danube Day celebration in Bulgaria

  • Over 200 participants and performers took part in Danube Day events in Bulgaria, which were attended by more than 25,000 visitors.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day activities in Bulgaria: Danube River Basin Directorate (DRBD), Lom Municipality, United children's complex – Valchedram, State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW), Kozloduy NPP, Kozloduy Municipality, Dolna Mitropolia Municipality, Ivo Jokin, Gulyantsi Municipality, Nikopol Municipality, NAPREDAK 1871 Community Centre, Belene Municipality, Eco Partners Bulgaria, RIEW – Ruse, Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River (EAEMDR), Ruse Municipality, Silistra Municipality, Vidin Municipality.
  • Find out more here:

    Lom Municipality
    State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW)
    Kozloduy NPP
    Kozloduy Municipality
    Dolna Mitropolia Municipality
    RIEW - Ruse
    Ruse Municipality
    Silistra Municipality
    Facebook Page
  • See also: Danube Day Activities Run by Partner Organisations and Projects.


  • On 28th June, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Croatian Waters held a ceremony promoting Danube projects on the Danube banks in Vukovar. An educational kit, “Little Water Guardians”, with a water guidebook with experiments and a mobile laboratory for water testing awaited children from local primary schools.

    Participants of this event included representatives of the Croatian Parliament, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Croatian Waters, Vukovarsko-Srijemska County, and Vukovar Port. Many other interested guests, families, schools, and people living in the area also attended the ceremony.

A ceremony promoting Danube projects was held on the Danube banks in Vukovar

  • As is tradition, Danube Day celebration in Vukovar included a wide range of activities such as a fishing competition, a fish stew competition, a fair promoting local and traditional products, and the Vukovar Film Festival (29th June – 3rd July 2022).
  • On 2nd July, the Kopački Rit Nature Park in Kopačevo had a variety of activities awaiting visitors: musical events, presentation of projects for the Danube and Drava river protection under the theme “Amazing Amazon of Europe”, game presentation “Rangers – Guardians of Nature”, exhibition of the works of the “Heart of the Danube” photo competition, art workshops, promotion of local specialities, and many more.
  • Around 500 people participated in this year’s Danube Day festivities in Croatia.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day activities in Croatia: Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Croatian Waters, Vukovarsko-Srijemska County, City of Vukovar and Kopački Rit Nature Park.
  • Find out more here:

    Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
    Croatian Waters
    Kopački Rit Nature Park
    City of Vukovar
  • See also: Danube Day Activities Run by Partner Organisations and Projects.

Czech Republic

  • On 21st June, Danube Day was celebrated in Prague on the premises of the T. G. Masaryk Water  Research Institute (TGM WRI). Czech Danube Day 2022 celebrations were organised jointly by the Ministry of the Environment and the Water Research Institute (WRI).
  • The Water Research Institute’s Open House Day offered visitors guided tours of the campus where they could visit water quality labs, large-scale models of riverbeds, an experimental wastewater treatment plant, and much more.
  • A Danubian workshop for children and adults was organised at the entrance to the campus. Children could paint, play water-related games and fill in fun worksheets. Additionally, many booklets, posters and maps were made available for older visitors. Everyone also received a signature Danube Day branded bag filled with goodies. And most importantly – visitors could watch adorable baby sturgeons in a fish tank (the sturgeons now happily live in one of the labs at the Institute).
  • The event welcomed 4 school groups of children between the ages of 10-15, and many interested families, adults, and people who live in the vicinity of the venue.

Czech festivities for Danube Day 2022 included a variety of interactive activities
 for the youngest ones, Photo: WRI’s Facebook page


  • Danube Day visitors in Baden Württemberg were invited to the inauguration of a special revitalisation project and got to discover the nice redesigned area of the confluence of the Brigach and Breg Rivers at the source of the Danube River under the motto: "The confluence of Brigach and Breg: A New Beginning for the Danube". 
  • Following a two-year construction period, the redesigned area of Brigach and Breg’s confluence at the Danube River’s source was inaugurated and presented to the public on Danube Day on 29th June.

Inauguration of the newly revitalised Brigach and Breg’s confluence at the Danube River’s source.
Opening by Thekla Walker, Minister of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector of Baden-Württemberg, Photo: Regierungspräsidium Freiburg (twitter)

  • Find out more here:

    Regierungspräsidium Freiburg Facebook
    Regierungspräsidium Freiburg Twitter
  • On 30th June, our colleagues of the Donaubüro in Ulm again planned their flagship event, the famous “Fahnenlauf” on Danube Day. The “Flag presentation for the International Danube Festival 2022” presented colourful flags that symbolise the International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm. The concept of the flags was designed by artists from Ulm/Neu-Ulm. Almost 650 flags were designed and hand-painted individually. For the opening ceremony of the International Danube Festival, people walked carrying flags and placed them along the banks of the Danube. Around 500 people took part in the event. The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day festivities in Ulm: Danube Office, Donaufest, ASC Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V..

Almost 650 flags were designed and hand-painted individually for the famous “Fahnenlauf” in Ulm on the occasion of Danube Day 2022 All photos: © Daniel Grafberger Donaufest 22



Three events were organised by our colleagues in Hungary:

  • On 18th June, a all-day Danube Day celebration was held in Budapest, open for families and visitors at the Children's Island or Hajógyári Sziget. A special “Danube Passport” was created for children to participate in interactive games, and programme activities. These events included learning about the flora and fauna of the rivers and wetlands, information on endangered and protected fish, learning about the hydrologic cycle and what we can do to preserve our precious fresh water, learning how to build sandbag dams in case of flood risk, and fun do-it-yourself handcraft activities. Children who participated in all the activities received a signature Danube Day branded bag filled with goodies. Children and their parents were also invited to the banks of the Danube where they let 300 sterlets in the river. Around 500-600 people participated in these events. Around 350 were children.

A special “Danube Passport” was created for children to participate in various interactive activities
Photo: GWP Hungary Foundation/GWP Magyarország Alapítvány


  • The following organisations were involved in organising this event: Belügyminisztérium, Belügyminisztérium Országos Katasztrófavédelmi Főigazgatóság, Duna Múzeum, Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park, Fővárosi Vízművek, GWP Magyarország Alapítvány, Herman Ottó Intézet, Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium, Országos Vízügyi Főigazgatóság and the Rideg & Rideg Fish Farm.
  • Find out more here:

    Facebook Page
  • On 1st July, in the town of Berettyóújfalu, at the Morotva Liget Leisure Center, the so-called family of water management came together to celebrate Danube Day. This year, the Trans Tisza Water Directorate provided the venue.  The programme included a cooking competition and various sporting events. More than 200 people participated in the event.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day celebration in Berettyóújfalu: Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Water Management, and the 12 regional directorates, namely: North Transdanubian Water Directorate, West Transdanubian Water Directorate, South Transdanubian Water Directorate, Center Transdanubian Water Directorate, Middle Danube Valley Water Directorate, Lower Danube Valley Water Directorate, Upper Tisza Region Water Directorate, Trans Tisza Water Directorate, North Hungarian Water Directorate, Middle Tisza Region Water Directorate, Lower Tisza Valley Water Directorate and Körös Region Water Directorate.

In the town of Berettyóújfalu, the so-called family of water management came together
to celebrate Danube Day, Photo: General Directorate of Water Management


  • Find out more on:

    South Transdanubian Water Directorate
    Facebook Page
  • From 2nd – 3rd July, in the city of Győr, the Győrkőc Kids Festival attracted many people, including many children. The programme was jointly organised by the North-Transdanubian Water Directorate, Pannon-Víz Zrt, and the SZC Hild József Construction Vocational High School of Győr.

    The North-Transdanubian Water Directorate’s team presented various activities to children: the older kids had the opportunity to play with the Directorate’s wooden toys, such as puzzles of an aerial photo of the flooded Győr, a labyrinth of four rivers, a memory game with pictures related to the Directorate, canoe trip game, and many more. The youngest could colour and glue clouds, swans, frogs, and octopuses, or enjoy fun handcrafts. The most popular activity was painting fish and other water animals on stones. The kids were awarded ICPDR Danube Day branded bags filled with goodies for their creativity and participation.

    The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day celebration in Győr: North- Transdanubian Water Directorate (EDUVIZIG), Vaskakas Puppet Theater (the organiser of the festival), Pannon-Víz Zrt. (regional water utility provider), and SZC Hild József Construction Vocational High School of Győr. The EDUVIZIG, the North-Transdanubian Water Directorate landed a helping hand and kept the young public busy with interesting activities such as presenting a wide range of water-related professions.

    The programme’s main purpose was to offer the public opportunities to discover the Danube and its water life through various activities and to strengthen the sense of responsibility for the waters and the environment.

The Győrkőc Kids Festival presented various activities to children
Photo: North-Transdanubian Water Directorate


  • Find out more here:
    Facebook Page
  • On 23rd June, the city of Baja, in the Lower Danube Valley Water Directorate, joined the Hungarian colleagues for a book presentation about the history of the Lower Danube Valley of Water Directorate
  • See also: Danube Day Activities Run by Partner Organisations and Projects.


  • Around 50 children participated in the Danube Art Master competition, held in a summer camp in the central part of Moldova. This year’s theme focused on environmental issues and adaptation to climate change.
  • The Institute of Ecology and Geography organised another event with students and the Eastern Partnership National Platform. The meeting discussed the Danube issues, regional cooperation and its benefits for Moldova. The main results of the Danube-related activities in Moldova were presented, as well as good practices implemented in different sectors (organic farming, nutrient reduction, adaptation to climate change, etc.). Approximately 30 people attended the meeting.
  • Furthermore, the Day of the Valeni village attracted around 100 people, who participated in educational activities, promoting the sustainable use of the Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve. A folk festival and opening of the museum were also organised.

Rich traditions and a sustainable future were celebrated on Danube Day in Moldova
Photo: Dumitru Drumea

  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day celebration in Moldova: Institute of Ecology and Geography, National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO, National Platform for the Easter Partnership project, local authorities from the Lower Prut region (mayors of the communities).


  • The Crisuri Water Basin Administration organised several different activities dedicated to Danube Day 2022:  as part of the “Water Mysteries” event in Beiuș, a virtual aquarium was set up at the gym of the “Nicolae Bolcas” Vocational High School. This event gave the children in attendance the opportunity to discover the fascinating underwater world. Additionally, little ecologists, mostly members of the Beiuș Aquarium Club, engaged in interactive activities to solve some water mysteries and increase their knowledge about the importance of the quality of water. Sports events such as soccer and table tennis, fishing, and painting competitions also took place. This incredible event was attended by more than 120 children, including young guests from the Romanian community of Poroskovo, Ukraine.

Little ecologists of Beiuș Aquarium Club engaged in interactive activities to solve some water mysteries Photos: Anca Mihoci

  • A wide range of activities such as sports competitions, fishing contests, and photo exhibitions, was also organised by the Banat Water Administration at the City Hall of Moldova Noua.
  • Fetești City also organised a variety of activities for a large number of visitors with the involvement of Ialomița Prefecture and representatives of local institutions of Ialomita County.
  • Danube Day activities started as early as 18th May in Romania! The Jiu Water Basin Administration organised many of the ‘pre-Danube Day’ activitieswith the support of local authorities. Essay competitions, painting, presentations of scientific papers on the topic of biodiversity of the Danube River, field trips, cruises, a soccer contest known as the Danube Cup, and much more awaited the many visitors. The documentary filmTell me about Danube!” was projected for the first time.

The Jiu Water Basin Administration organised a drawing competition, Photo: Camelia Barbutu

  • On the occasion of Danube Day, the Buzau Ialomita Water Basin Administration organised an Open House Day with lessons dedicated to the Danube River and a demonstration exercise of water quality-testing in the Quality Laboratory, Braila Water Management System.

 Lessons dedicated to the Danube River and water quality testing were part of
Danube Day activities in Romania, Photos: Irina Mircea

  • Calarasi City held its Danube Day celebrations on the 2nd July in the city’s Central Park. Plenty of surprises, such as interactive workshops, a fishing contest, and a free visit to the Zoo were offered to visitors of all ages. Events were organised with the support of local authorities.
  • The Prut Bârlad Water Basin Administration highlighted the importance of the Danube River with various exhibitions of documents, books, newspapers, and photos in Galați City. Music events, workshops, and a march with volunteers also took place.
  • On the occasion of Danube Day 2022, the Arges Vedea Water Basin Administration organised a visit to the Water Quality Laboratory for children from the Armand Calinescu Technical College – Pitesti. Additionally, the children participated in an open lesson dedicated to the Pitesti (Prundu) reservoir and had the opportunity to learn about some technical details of this construction.

A visit to the Water Quality Laboratory was one of the highlights of
Danube Day festivities, Photo: Ana Maria Dulică

  • In Giurgiu, under the patronage of the City Hall of Giurgiu, the Association of Friends Near You and the Water Management System Giurgiu, a joint event with a special drawing exhibition under the theme of “Discover Danube” was displayed in the foyer of the "Nicolae Bălănescu" Athenaeum.  Additionally, several additional activities dedicated to green and ecological education organised for the Sfintii Martiri Brancoveni School pupils were held at the County Library “I.A.Basarabescu” in Giurgiu City.

In Giurgiu City, a wide range of activities dedicated to green and ecological
education were organised, Photo: Mădălina Miron

  • In Dracea City (Teleorman County), Teleorman Water Management System employees organised a boat cruise for children.
  • On 29th June, the famous Romanian sportsman Avram Iancu (see article featuring Avram Iancu on a past issue of Danube Watch) swam in the Dâmbovița River during his 12-hour-long swimming tour organised by the CONIL Association for the benefit of children with special needs.
  • The Dobrogea Litoral Water Basin Administration through the Tulcea Water Management System, organised many activities in the Central Park of Tulcea City, which included photo exhibitions, culinary experiences, classical music, café concerts, and many more. Additionally, a large greening effort with the involvement of employees of Tulcea Water Management System employees took place at the Danube River.
  • Around 950 people participated in this year’s Danube Day festivities in Romania.
  • The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, National Administration “Romanian Waters” and all 11 Water Basin Administrations published press releases in the local and national media to promote the importance of the Danube River in our lives, for us and the aquatic ecosystem. 
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day celebrations in Romania: Ministry of Waters and Forests – Ministerul Apelor şi Pădurilor, National Administration “Apele Române” - Administraţia Naţională “Apele Române”, Caraș Severin Prefecture - Prefectura Caraș Severin, Banat Water Basin Administration – Administraţia Bazinală de Apă Banat, Caras Severin Environmental Protection Agency – Agentia pentru protectia Mediului Caras Severin, Caras Severin Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Caras Severin, Caraş -Severin County Prefecture - Instituţia Prefectului – Judeţul Caraş-Severin, Moldova Noua City Hall – Primaria Moldova Noua, Moldova Nouă House of Culture – Casa de Cultura Moldova Noua, Clisura Dunării High School – Liceul Clisura Dunării, Jiu Water Basin Administration – Administraţia Bazinală de Apă Jiu, Dojl Prefecture- Prefectura Dolj, Dolj County Council – Consiliul Judetean Dolj, Bechet City Hall – Primaria Bechnet, B order Police – Politia de frontier Bechet, Primary School Mehedinti County – Scoala Primara din Mehedinti, Primary School Dolj County – Scoala Primara din Dolj, Muzeul Olteniei-Sectia de Stiinte ale Naturii, Craiova - Oltenia Museum Department of Natural Sciences, Craiova, Liceul “Charles Laugier” Craiova – “Charles Laugier” High School Craiova, Colegiul National Nenitescu, Craiova – National College Nenitescu, Craiova, Colegiul Național “Frații Buzești”, Craiova – National College “Fratii Buzesti”, Craiova, Nicolae Romanescu School, Craiova – Scoala Nicolae Romanescu, Facultatea de Geografie, Craiova – Geography Faculty, Craiova, Dolj Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor, Dolj, Mehedinti Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor, Mehedinti Olt Prefecture, Corabia City Hall, Olt Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Olt, National Environmental Guard, Olt County Comissariat – Garda Națională de Mediu, Comisariatul Județean Olt, Traian Zorzoliu Museum – Muzeul Traian Zorzoliu, Olt General Directorate for Social Assistance and Childrens Protection – Direcția Generală de Asistență Socială și Portecția Copilului Olt, Virgil Mazilescu School – Școala Virgil Mazilescu, Water Basin Administration Crisuri - Administraţia Bazinală de Apă Crisuri, High School ”Nicolae Bolcaș” – Liceului Vocațional ”Nicolae Bolcaș”, Beius Aquarium Club – Clubul de Acvaristică Beius, Arges Vedea Water Basin Administration – Administratia Bazinala Arges Vedea, Giurgiu Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Giurgiu, Armand Calinescu Technical College – Pitesti – Colegiul Tehnic Armand Calinescu, Pitesti, Water Quality Laboratory, Pitesti – Laborator de calitate a apei, Pitesti, City Hall of Giurgiu – Primaria Giurgiu, Association of Friends Near You – Asociatia Prietenii de langa tine, "Nicolae Bălănescu" Athenaeum – Ateneul "Nicolae Bălănescu", “Sfintii Martiri Brancoveni” School – Scoala “Sfintii Martiri Brancoveni“,Biblioteca Judeteana “Ï.A.Basarabescu”, Girurgiu – County Library “Ï.A.Basarabescu“, Girurgiu, Dracea city, Teleorman county – Orasul Dracea, Teleorman, Water Management System Teleorman - Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Teleorman Ialomița Prefecture – Prefectura Ialomița, Fetești City Hall – Primăria Fetești, Buzau Ialomita Water Basin Administration – Administratia Bazinala de Apa Buzau Ialomita, Buzau Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Buzau, Braila Water Management System  – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Braila,  Water Quality Laboratory, Buzau – Laborator de calitate a apei, Buzau, Prut Bărlad Water Sistem Administration, Galați Prefecture – Prefectura Galați, Galați County Council – Consiliul Județean Galați, Galați City Hall – Primaria Galați, Galati Agency for Environmental Protection – Agenția pentru Protecția Mediului Galati, Galati Young People and the Future Association – Asociatia Tinerii și Viitorul Galați, History, Culture and Chirstian Spirituality Dunarea de Jos Museum – Muzeul Istoriei, Culturii și Spiritualității Creștine Dunărea de Jos, V. A. Urechia County Library – Biblioteca V. A. Urechia, Dunarea de Jos University – Universitatea Dunărea de Jos, Paul Păltănea History Museum – Muzeul de Istorie Paul Păltănea, Dunărea de Jos Cultural Center – Centrul Cultural Dunărea de Jos, Romanian Writers Union, Galași- Brăila Branch – Uniunea Scriitorilor din România, Filiala Galați – Brăila, Opera House Nae Leonard, Galați – Opera Nae Leonard, Galați, Schools Inspectorate Galați County – Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Galați, Mihail Sadoveanu School, Galați- Școala Gimnazială Mihail Sadoveanu, Galați, Secondary School nr. 26 – Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 26, Alexandru Iona Cuza High School, Galați – Liceul Alexandru Ioan Cuza Galați, Carol I High School – Liceul Carol I, Simion Mehedinți Techonogic High School – Liceul Tehnologic Simion Mehedinți, Faculty for Science and Environment, Chemistry, Physic and Environment Department – Facultatea pentru Stiinte și Mediu, Departamentul pentru Chmie, Fizică și Mediu, Kindergarden no.36, Galați – Grădinița de copii nr. 36, Galați, Dobrogea Litoral Water Basin Administration – Administratia Bazinala de Apa Dobrogea Litoral, Tulcea Water Management System – Sistemul de Gospodarire a Apelor Tulcea, Tulcea City Hall – Primaria Tulcea, Liceului de Arte „George Georgescu“ – George Georgescu High School of Arts, Tulcea.
  • See also: Danube Day Activities Run by Partner Organisations and Projects.


  • As with every year, the PWMC Vode Vojvodine organised their traditional recreational regatta on the occasion of Danube Day, promoting the Danube-based navigable potential of the Vojvodina province in Serbia, as well as nautical tourism and life near the water. The “Vode Vojvodine” Regatta sailed from 24th June – 3rd July along the DTD canals and the Danube River, which connected Novi Sad-Bački Petrovac-Ruski Krstur-Srpski Miletić-Sombor-Bezdan-Apatin-Bogojevo-Bačka Palanka. Around 300 people were sailing on 91 vessels in the regatta, and many others from the cities and villages near the rivers and canals participated in various activities organised on the banks. This event is one of the largest multi-day recreational navigation events in Serbia. Visit www.vodevojvodine.com, or follow on Facebook or Instagram to find out more.

Around 300 people sailed on 91 vessels in the “Vode Vojvodine” Regatta

  • Another event to celebrate Danube Day in Serbia was held at the Ram Fortress, in the city of Veliko Gradište, a town and municipality located in the Braničevo District in Eastern Serbia. The event entitled “Discover Danube” offered visitors a thematic programme focused on the importance and preservation of the Danube River. It included a boat ride on the Danube. In the evening, around 300 visitors enjoyed the sounds of classical music at the Ram Fortress. Eminent artists such as violinist Fedor Rudin, cellist Jan Vogler and the Kamerata Balkanika ensemble performed songs inspired by water and nature conservation. Painting workshops were also held at the event. Visit www.srbijavode.rs, or follow on YouTube or Instagram to find out more.

Eminent artists performed songs inspired by water and nature conservation at the Ram Fortress

  • In anticipation of Danube Day, JVP “Srbijavode” organised educational workshops. The programme was intended primarily for children of kindergarten age and younger grades of elementary schools, and offered the youngest ones the opportunity to get acquainted with the topic of flood defence in a creative way.

    Furthermore, to create a stronger emotional connection between the public and the Danube River Basin, a diverse range of activities was organised, including water games, beach volleyball, round tables, workshops, educational activities, as well as public awareness activities.

A series of educational workshops were organised in anticipation of Danube Day in Serbia

  • Additionally, several Danube municipalities throughout Serbia organised their local events with visitors’ activities for visitors, such as educational lectures for children in primary and secondary schools, thematic workshops in kindergartens, painting workshops for children, sports games and other water-related activities. Information about these events was published in the local media and on the organisers’ social network platforms.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day festivities in Serbia: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - Directorate for Water, PWMC “Vode Vojvodine”, PWMC “Srbijavode”, Municipality of Veliko Gradiste, Artlink Festival, “Knjaz Milos”, Tourist Organisation Veliko Gradiste, and EU for Cultural Heritage and Tourism.
  • See also: Danube Day Activities Run by Partner Organisations and Projects.


  • On the morning of 28th June, around 200 pupils from various schools were welcomed on pontoon 40 under the Old Bridge in Bratislava, where the Kriváň boat awaited them. During the boat trip toward the Devín Castle, the schoolchildren learned interesting facts about the Danube River, its use, and its protection. Additionally, an expert from the State Nature Conservation Agency told them about the Danube environs around the watercourse.

Danube Day celebrations in Slovakia started with a boat trip toward the Devín Castle

  • After disembarking under the Devín Castle, the children registered for a knowledge competition that included various interactive eco-educational activities. They strolled from one booth to another, collecting seals that were granted for each correctly performed activity. The happy winners were awarded those coveted ICPDR bags!
  • Additionally, pupils could make mini shelters for insects, and learn something new about aquatic and near-water animals through live demonstrations performed by the Slovak Fishermen’s Association. They could also get acquainted with predators from the Rescue Station for injured animals. Moreover, the Slovak Mining Museum organised a prospecting activity on discovering minerals and rocks. There were also demonstrations on measuring the amount of water in the Danube and sampling techniques. Children were also able to learn about the activities of the divers through live demonstrations and meet dogs from the river police department.
  • The Slovak Water Research Institute (WRI) also hosted a booth just below the Devín Castle. Here, children were offered opportunities to solve a sturgeon puzzle, play our Sturgeon Board Game and draw some fish on the pavement.
  • And finally, the Water Research Institute (WRI) offered the possibility to take part in the Tour of the Laboratories of the WRI. Primary school pupils and their teachers were warmly invited to visit the Institute, come and watch environmental films, explore the hydraulic laboratories where they could discover different models of rivers, and much more. 
  • The event also included the award ceremony of the Danube Art Master organised by the Bratislava Regional Conservation Association (BROZ), the competition’s main sponsor. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Juraj Smatana, and the Executive Director of the BROZ, Miriam Miláčková jointly presented the awards to the winners of the competition.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day festivities in Bratislava: Ministry of Environment SR, Water Research Institute, Water Management Construction, Slovak Water Management Enterprise, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, State Nature Conservation Agency, Slovak Environmental Agency, Public Ports, Slovak Mining Museum, Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, Slovak Fishermen´s Association and Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

Highlights of Danube Day activities included puzzle and board games,
knowledge competitions, and many more


  • On 29th June, Danube Day was celebrated in cooperation with the SIMONA project final event at the Slovenian Environment Agency. The findings of the successfully concluded Danube Transnational Programme, SIMONA Project - Sediment-quality Information, Monitoring and Assessment System were presented.

    The Standard Sediment Quality Sampling Kit was symbolically handed over at the Slovenian Environment Agency, responsible for water monitoring in Slovenia. The partner institutions participating in the event happily welcomed the sampling equipment. They reaffirmed their commitment to the Danube River, which needs special attention for its water, and sediment quantity and quality. The sustainable development of the Danube Basin is on top of our priorities when it comes to the future of our society.

    Partners of the SIMONA Project and the Slovenian Environment Agency officials were in attendance. The event’s main goal was to adopt uniform equipment that can serve for harmonised sediment sampling systems among Danube countries, per the recommendations of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Danube Day was celebrated in cooperation with the SIMONA project final event
at the Slovenian Environment Agency

  • Find out more here:
    Facebook page
  • Furthermore, a joint celebration of Danube Day and Sava Day was part of the 4th International Conference Karst-Water-Human, held from 3rd – 4th June at Karst Research Institute, near karstic Postojna Cave.

    This event provided an opportunity to:
    - inform about high water levels
    - raise awareness of and educate the public about floods as a natural phenomenon
    - inform about steps to adapt to such a natural phenomenon

    Besides official institutions, local stakeholders were also invited. Locals, schools, local government, and real estate owners of buildings carrying high water marks were all included in the event.

    The following organisations were involved in organising this event: Society of Geography Teachers of Slovenia, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, and Karst Research Institute.

    Dinaric Slovenia is an area with interesting and extraordinary karstic characteristics, mainly made by water. Nature parks were established to prevent geological and hydrological characteristics and also the biodiversity of the area. During the event, the karstic phenomena of bifurcation zones, measures to prevent hydrological and biodiversity characteristics and possibilities to anchorage similar regions to do their “job” were presented. 

Official institutions and local stakeholders joined together to organise a wide variety of activities
on the occasion of Danube Day in Slovenia


Two events were organised by our colleagues in Ukraine:

  • Tisza Basin Council organised a meeting to discuss the future of the Ukrainian part of the basin, Beregovo, Zakarpattya Oblast. The topics included the impact of the ongoing war on the development and implementation of the Programme of Measures and future activities. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting, including many NGOs.
  • Furthermore, 27 people participated in the Danube Art Master competition, in the Tisza and lower Danube sub-basins. The Basin Council members awarded the happy winners.
  • The following organisations were involved in organising this year’s Danube Day celebrations in Ukraine: the Tisza Basin Authority, Lower Danube Basin Authority, and the Zakarpattya Oblast Organization of All-Ukrainian League.

Two events were organised in Ukraine to mark Danube Day 2022 despite the ongoing war


Danube Day Activities Run by Partner Organisations and Projects

The project DANUrB+ (Danube Urban Brand + Building Regional and Local Resilience through the Valorization of Danube’s Cultural Heritage), funded by the Danube Transnational Programme, organised “Danube Days” festivals between June 17th and July 10th throughout DANUrB+ project’s partner countries.

  • On the 02nd and 03rd of July in the Bulgarian town of Vidin (Danube Park in Vidin and Art Gallery open stage), the “Danube Treasures” Festival was organised as part of the DANUrB+ Danube Day celebrations.

    The festival presented various activities to its visitors: folk music and dance performances, local dishes and wine tasting, open doors to museums and galleries, a free sightseeing tour of the little-known historical and architectural sites in the city, presentation of traditional crafts, kid’s corner with fun and engaging activities, lights show from the “Baba Vida” Fortress. Some more thrilling activities were also available such as bungee jumping from the Danube Bridge, boating, ballooning, and many more. Over 200 participants, including folklore performers and exhibitors, from Bulgaria and Romania took part in the “Danube Treasures” Festival, which was attended by thousands of residents and visitors of the town of Vidin. The Facebook event reached more than 40,000 people, with 585 responses.

    The event was organised by the National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” with the support of the Municipality of Vidin and the National Institute of Research Development in Tourism within the DANUrB+ project.
  • Find out more here:
    Facebook event link
    DANUrB+ Facebook Page
    National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide"
  • In Erdut, Croatia, around 200 pupils from 4 schools (Zmajevac, Darda, Ilok, Dalj) participated in the main event, an art workshop. The children’s paintings represented the cultural heritage of the 10 Danubian countries. The paintings are 2 x 1.5m in size and will be used in the future to decorate the local park next to the Dalj Primary School. Several sports and creative workshops were also part of the programme.

    Furthermore, pupils and teachers of the Darda primary school visited the Presentation and Education Centre Tikveš surrounded by Kopački Rit Nature Park.

    The Nansen Dialogue Centre Osijek organised these events with the support of Kopački Rit Nature Park and four schools (Zmajevac, Darda, Ilok, Dalj) within the DANUrB+ project. The social media event invitation reached more than 700 people.
  • Find out more on:

    Facebook Page
    Instagram Page
  • Various festivals were held in Hungary within the DANUrB+ project to celebrate Danube Day 2022.

    On 2nd July, the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre kicked off the summer with a great street festival in Dunaújváros. “Sugárúti Fesztivál” – Avenue Festival was a significant cultural and community event held by KÉK and the Valyo – City and River Association, in close cooperation with local institutions and civil organisations.

    KÉK and Valyo organised several workshops for the local cultural institutes, associations, and NGOs. During the Festival, the main avenue of Dunaújváros, “Vasmű út” was closed off to traffic. In this new pedestrian street the visitors could get to know the local farmers’ market, and library work, take part in city walks, and delve into the city's exciting historical heritage. More than 2,000 visitors attended the event.

    Additionally, the Department of Urban Planning BME and KÉK joined the Architects’ Festival organised by the online journal “Építészfórum” and the architecture college community “Építész Szakkollégium”. Students of the urban department planned a beach library for the József Attila Library Dunaújváros in a creative workshop. The library's furniture plans were prepared as part of a semester course at the Department of Urban Planning.

    In the historical city of Esztergom, KÉK, together with KulturAktív, joined a local kids’ festival, called “Tótágas”. The festival was hosted by a local NGO, Kapcsolatok Háza (House of Connections); it is a yearly tradition in the city, offering local kids the opportunity to participate in different educational and cultural programmes. On this occasion, the DANUrB+ team presented a shortened version of the new DANUrBanity kids' game. A great storyteller from KulturAktív told the kids a local Danube legend about the fairies living in the river. After hearing the story, the kids could participate in an urban walk along the bank of the Danube and then participate in a craft workshop and make “Danube fairies” from the legend.

    Finally, from 24th June to 10th July, Danube Day and the local heritage were celebrated in the area of Szigetzug with events in four different towns: Ráckeve, Szigetzug, Szigetújfalu, and Szigetbecse. Various workshops and presentations of local products, city walks, exhibitions, and folk song performances awaited visitors. Some important places such as the Water Mill in Ráckeve, the former centre of the Hungarian Defence Confederation and Village Halls became full of life.

    In Szigetújfalu, the 3rd National Meeting of Archaeological Communities was also organised by the KÉK team, in cooperation with the local community and Attila Tóth, an archaeologist working at the Árpád Museum, Ráckeve. This meeting is one of the most important traditions of the Danube Days Festival in Szigetzug. It connects the local history, community, researchers, and history enthusiasts around the area. Archaeologists met and exchanged experiences, while the youngest and their families enjoyed the interactive educational programme.

    These events were organised by the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre with the support of Valyo – City and River Association, the Department of Urban Planning from BME, KulturAktív, Kapcsolatok Háza, Árpád Museum, and the Danube Days Festival in Szigetzug within the DANUrB+ project. The social media event invitation reached 1,990 people.
  • Find out more on:

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    DANUrB+ Facebook Page
    DANUrB+ Facebook Page
    Interreg Danube Transnational Programme
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    DANUrB+ Instagram Page
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  • In Romania, the Euroland Banat Association from Reșița and the Polytechnic University of Timișoara organised a series of events to mark Danube Day. Following the principles of the DANUrB+ project, the partners organised several activities dedicated to the community, most notably to the students of the “Clisura Dunarii” High School in Moldova Nouă.

    On 25th June, a study trip was organised to allow students to explore the route between Moldova Nouă and Orșova (i.e., the entire Danube Gorge) as tourists. They were able to admire the landscape’s exceptional beauty, visit the region’s tourist attractions, and assess the services offered to tourists. In addition, the volunteers of the "Danube" Association from Moldova Nouă took on the tourist guide role for the group participating in the trip, presenting the objectives of tourist interest on the route.

    Furthermore, Politehnica University of Timișoara accepted Euroland Banat’s invitation and launched the Focus: Danube exhibition of students’ projects at the Moldova Nouă Highschool.

    On 26th June, students continued their tourist exploration of the region. They followed up the previous day's experience with a unique one: they visited the island of Ostrov and took a boat ride. Although the island is very close to Moldova Nouă, this was the first time for many participants.

    On 29th June, DANUrB+ partners marked the event with an exhibition organised at the Tourist Information Center of Moldova Nouă. Entitled "Miniature worlds - 12 stories from the community", the exhibition is inspired by the documentation and research activity carried out within the DANUrB+ project.

    The event was organised by Euroland Banat Association with the support of Politehnica University of Timișoara, Danube Association from Moldova Nouă and Clisura Dunarii” High School. Social media event invitation reached almost 700 people.
  • Find out more on:

    DANUrB+ Facebook Page
    Euroland Banat Association Facebook Page
    Interreg Danube Transnational Programme
    DANUrB+ Instagram Page
  • On 29th June, in Bačka Palanka, Serbia, a series of activities were organised for children and young people. These activities included an animation and entertainment programme, painting workshops, a Danube poem writing competition, and two exhibitions, one of which had an international touch. On display were the paintings of students from Julije Benešić Elementary School in Ilok and photos of students from the 20th of October Grammar School from Bačka Palanka. The theme of the exhibition was entitled “Danube Cosmos”. There was also a youth chill zone on the city beach. The event drew many attendees.  

    Also, together with the local theatre director Sonja Petrović, a lecture walk and a visit to the City Museum were organised for the students of the “20th October" Grammar School. There they discussed the historical influence of the Danube on local artists. The lecture walk ended on the city beach, where together with the authors of the works, the multimedia exhibition "Danube Cosmos" was opened. 

    On the same day, a stakeholders meeting was held, where local stakeholders were introduced to the DANUrB+ project. The meeting discussed further networking opportunities, and it was attended by citizens from the fields of education, art, media, and local businesses.

    The events were organised by Novo kulturno naselje with the support of Bačka Palanka Tourist Organisation, Julije Benešić Elementary School, and 20th October Grammar School in Bačka Palanka.
  • Find out more on:

    Interreg Danube Transnational Programme
    DANUrB+ Facebook Page
    DANUrB+ Instagram Page
    YouTube Video

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