Danube Day in Slovenia

Keep the Danube Blue this summer in Slovenia!

Expert Consultation: Sustainable Economic and Tourism Potentials of the Sava River

The aim is to highlight the economic and tourism potential of the Sava River and to promote cooperation between the countries along the river. Main organisers are the Municipality Sevnica, the Regional Development Agency Posavje and the Ministry of National Resources and Spatial Planning.

  • Event start: different panel discussions on topic of cycling paths/connections along the Sava River, economy and tourism along the Sava River, sustainable tourism development along the Sava River and water resources management in the Sava River basin in the light of climate change.

  • In the second part of the event: ministers of the participating countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) will have the opportunity to exchange views and jointly discuss cooperation in the field of economic development and tourism along the Sava River.

Location: Sevnica, Slovenia

Date and time: 31 May 2024


Contact & further information

Barbara Potočnik of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning at ( barbara.potocnik@gov.si