Danube Day in Bulgaria

Danube River in Bulgaria
Danube River in Bulgaria

Keep the Danube Blue this summer in Bulgaria!

The program for Danube Day in Bulgaria, marking the 20th anniversary year. It is incredibly diverse and filled with events that have already commenced. From cleaning campaigns and informational initiatives to festivals, plein airs, concerts, exhibitions, and city celebrations, a wide range of activities are being organized by regional and municipal administrations, institutions, commissions, centers, town halls, associations, civic initiatives, and companies.

Highlights of Danube Day Activities:

  • Vrav: The first inhabited place in the Bulgarian section of the Danube River will see the local community center and town hall organizing a riverbank cleanup and a large celebration.
  • Vidin: Celebrations will be particularly spectacular with the Art Festival "The River," from June 28 to July 1. The festival will feature traditional Bulgarian goods, a balloon fiesta over the "Baba Vida" fortress, puppet theatre, creative workshops, and more. The highlight will be a unique light show on June 29, combining music, light effects, and 3D mapping.
  • Dolni Tziber: The traditional cycling run for both young and adults will take place.
     Kozloduy: Activities include sailing with the ship "Radetski," an art studio, water sampling and analysis, planting flowers, and riverbank cleaning. The annual fish festival will also be held, featuring a quiz, a story and legend board about the Danube, ecological experiments, and a creative workshop.
  • Vratsa: The regional administration will host informational meetings promoting environmental protection.
  • Dolni Vadim: Local traditions and customs will be showcased.
  • Baikal: The ritual of throwing a wreath into the Danube with a message for a clean river will be conducted, along with bird watching, a mobile lab for river water studies, plein air painting, and a Danube party.
  • Gulyantsi: The "My Adventure by the Danube" contest will begin on Danube Day and run until September 1.
  • Nikopol: The celebration will include music, dancing, asphalt drawings, and a quiz about the Danube.
  • Belene: The famous Bulgarian band "Signal" will welcome the sunrise on July 1. The Belene Danube River Festival 2024 will include concerts, folklore festivals, culinary competitions, boats of wishes, and sports competitions.
  • Veliko Tarnovo: An exhibition of drawings depicting the Danube’s biodiversity will be displayed at the RIEW building until June 12.
  • Ruse: The largest Danube city in Bulgaria will host numerous events, including a student cruise on the "Ruschuk" ship organized by the regional administration. On June 29, a children's Art Happening, applied workshops, blitz quizzes, science experiments, and fun competitive games will take place. The Naval Tower will also open its doors, featuring a museum exhibition marking the beginning of meteorological observations in Bulgaria in 1860.
  •  Tutrakan: A competition for panels made of natural materials titled "Flora and Fauna of the Danube" will be held.
  • Silistra: A "Wonderful City Picnic" is planned.

In many locations across the country, communities will greet the first morning of July on the Danube River's banks, celebrating this majestic waterway's natural beauty and cultural significance.

Join us in Bulgaria to celebrate Danube Day 2024 and participate in these vibrant activities that honor our river and environment!

Contact & further information

For the latest news, please contact the country coordinators:

Vesela Komarevska  or Ivan Kalamerov of the Danube River Basin Directorate in Pleven on +359 64 885 100; or dunavbd@bddr.org