Danube Day 2018 / 2019 in Moldova

Planning is underway for Danube Day 2019. Details will be posted here in June. Read on for a summary of activities in 2018.

The Festival of the Danube in Djurdjulesti attracted a thousand people to share in the rich culture of the communities along the Prut and Danube rivers. The festival showcased music, dance and theatre, situated close to where the two rivers meet. 12 folk teams entertained residents, young and old, as well as officials from Valeni, Djurdjulesti and Cahul and representatives from Germany, Italy, Austria, UK and the EU. As the event moved into the evening, Hora circle dancing brought everyone together to celebrate Danube solidarity. Hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, water resource projects were also presented, including news on the newly-designated Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Ecological Movement of Moldova hosted the national stage of the 2018 Danube Art Master awards. In this annual competition, young people are challenged to think about why their rivers are important and convey  environmental messages in artworks and videos. Winners go on to the international final later this year.

Further information

To see how all the countries celebrated in 2018, go to Review 2018. You can also revisit 15 years of Moldova's Danube Day via the general Review page.

To find out about Danube Art Master in Moldova, please contact: Elena Scobioala of the Ecological Movement of Moldova on +373 22 232 408; mem@mem.md; alecu.renita@yahoo.com.

For other Danube Day events, please contact: Dumitru Drumea at ddrumea559@gmail.com.

For more information about the Danube Connects project within the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, please email the project at danube.connects@mdrc.gov.md.