Danube Day 2017 in Moldova

Danube Day 2017 was marked with a lecture at the International University of Moldova (ULIM) in Chisinau. Dr. Dumitru Drumea informed students about the progress being made through international cooperation over the Danube rivers and their sustainable management. The students expressed enthusiasm for implementation of the environmental aspects of the Moldova - EU Association Agreement. The event also highlighted their their desire for teaching on EU Environmental Directives to be integrated into their degree course. The event was organised within the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology - see their website for further details.

Date: Wednesday 21st June 2017.

Further awareness raising events are planned for summer schools across the country this year, helping to foster Danube understanding and solidarity amongst young Moldovans. The ULIM lecture will form the basis for a series of discussion and training events involving local authorities, school students and other key audiences across the country.

Date: Throughout summer 2017.

Further information

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Dumitru Drumea at ddrumea559@gmail.com.

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