Danube Day 2017 / 2018 in Moldova

Planning is underway for Danube Day 2018. Details will be posted here in the spring.
Read on for a summary of activities in 2017.

More than 1000 people attended events, which both recalled past traditions and helped to forge sustainable futures.

In Djurdjulesti, Moldovan and Romanian counterparts met to facilitate cross-border cooperation. Organised by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction as part of the Danube Connects project, government, institution, and NGO representatives later joined in the town's annual festivities. Taking place in both the town centre and at its port, the events paid tribute to the Danube rivers, their peoples and culture. Regional customs were showcased and the public had the chance to tour the docks. Events were publicised across the country on the national news. 

Danube Day messages were also spread through events for young people. A series of summer camps helped to foster Danube solidarity and understanding. A lecture for students at the International University of Moldova (ULIM) in Chisinau led by Dr. Drumea informed students on the progress arising from international cooperation in the Danube Basin. Students expressed enthusiasm for the environmental aspects of the Moldova - EU Association Agreement and a desire for EU Directives to be integrated into their degree courses. Read more at the Faculty of Biomedicine and Ecology's website. The ULIM lecture will form the basis for training events involving local authorities and school students. Targeting young artists, the national round of the Danube Art Master project also took place. Read more on the website of the national organisers, Ecological Movement of Moldova.

Further information

To see how all the countries celebrated in 2017, go to Review 2017. You can also revisit 14 years of Moldova's Danube Day via the general Review page.

For more information about the Danube Connects project within the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, please email the project at danube.connects@mdrc.gov.md.

To find out about Danube Art Master in Moldova, please contact: Elena Scobioala of the Ecological Movement of Moldova on +373 22 232 408; mem@mem.md; alecu.renita@yahoo.com.

For other Danube Day events, please contact: Dumitru Drumea at ddrumea559@gmail.com.