Danube Day 2017 in Ukraine

Tyachiv in Zakarpattya hosts Danube Day in Ukraine this year, with a brand new River Quest for school children, the first ever Danube Art Master Water Oscars and the creation of an 80m2 mural of Tisza life. Locals and officials from Romania will also attend as very special guests on the day.

The fun starts at 12 noon with the painting of a huge mural about the Tisza in central Tyachiv. The first of its kind in Zakarpattya, the mural will depict the Tisza as a young girl, alongside a okorash (a traditional lworker transporting wood on the Tisza).

At 12.20, you can take part in the Trip down the Tisza and Danube to the Black Sea river quest. At various locations around the town, you'll find a river challenge. You might need to test water samples, answer river questions or work out the best way to protect the town from flooding. Complete each challenge and you'll receive part of a map. Put them all together to form the rivers' complete journey from the Tisza source to Black Sea mouth. But you'll need to be quick: the first person to com plete their map will win the prize! Environmental experts will attend the event to help raise awareness of Danube Day issues.

Make a film about your river and you could be walking up the red carpet to receive a My Life and the Tisza: Danube Art Master Water Oscar! This year's Danube Art Master schools competition has a new format: if you're aged 6 to 16, your challenge is to create a 1-minute video of how the Tisza is important to you. It should somehow depict your hopes and dreams for the river, perhaps encompassing music or dance, your favourite place or problems facing rivers. The best videos will be played at the Tyachiv Danube Day, where winners will walk the red carpet to collect their prizes and find out who will be travelling to Vienna for the International Danube Art Master final.

Date: Saturday 1st July 2017; 12:00: mural painting; 12.20: river quest; 13:00: Danube Art Master River Oscars.

Further information

Read the latest news, see Ukraine's Danube Day Facebook page or contact the country coordinator:

Olena Marushevska (+380 68 9062 061) or Alexei Iarochevic (+380 67 209 12 08) of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League; pripyat@i.kiev.ua; bluerivers@ukrpost.ua; and view Facebook.

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