Danube Day 2018 in Slovenia

International cooperation and friendly contest has been at the heart of this year’s events. Activities have engaged young people from Slovenia and across the Balkans in securing a sustainable future for the Danube rivers.

At the international Bled Water Festival (BWF) in June, the Let’s work for the dream competition tasked children from primary and secondary schools to develop water sustainability projects for their local rivers, lakes or coastline. The best projects were showcased at the BWF, organised by the Ministry of Environment, along with Global Water Partnership, and in cooperation with ministries from Croatia and Serbia. Winners now go onto the international stage of the competition, involving schools from across the EU and Balkans. Overall winners will be announced on June 15th: see the BWF website for the latest news.
BWF dates: Thursday 7th – Friday 8th June, 2018

Traversing the entire Sava valley, cyclists got very active in the Sava Bike Tour 2018. The gruelling 845km, 4-country tour runs from the river’s source to its Danube confluence. Beginning in Bohinj in the north-west, the route took cyclists through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, with the finish line in Belgrade. The tour spreads Danube Day solidarity: this year’s focus was on cross-country bike tourism as part of national and regional initiatives to further develop environmentally sustainable tourism.
Start date: Friday 1st June, 2018

Sustainable tourism was also top of the agenda at the 7th Meeting of the Sava Youth Parliament in Bohinj. 60 children and teachers from 8 schools located in all four Sava countries came together to develop and debate tourism ideas for a shared Sava. Key conclusions, including a proposal to develop a Sava River Festival, were presented to high-level officials at the 7th Meeting of the Parties to the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin in Bled. Read about their proposals on the website of the parliament organisers, the International Sava River Basin Commission, and also on the Ministry of the Environment website.
Date: Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd June, 2018

If you’ve creative flair and love your river, the Danube Art Master contest is for you! As part of a 14-country competition, 6-18 year-olds living in the Danube Basin are invited to create artworks and 1-minute videos that celebrate the Danube environment. The competition mobilises creative talents to find imaginative ways to highlight river pressures. Organised nationally by GWP Slovenia, winners will go on to take part in a basin-wide international Art Master final.  

Further information

For up-to-the-minute information, please contact:

Barbara Poto─Źnik (barbara.potocnik@gov.si) or Aleš Bizjak (ales.bizjak@gov.si) of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning on +386 1 478 7000.

Danube Art Master: Martina Zupan of GWP Slovenia on +386 1 4273 245; Mobile: +386 40 316 064; martina.zupan@siol.net. Also check out the Danube Art Master on facebook.

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