Danube Day 2017 / 2018 in Slovenia

Planning is underway for Danube Day 2018. Details will be posted here in the spring.
Read on for a summary of activities in 2017.

In 2017, thousands of Slovenes got active in three national competitions celebrating Sava Day on June 1st and Danube Day on June 29th.

If you’ve creative flair and love your river, the Danube Art Master contest is for you! As part of a 14-country competition, 6-18 year-olds were invited to create artworks and videos that celebrated their environment. Organised nationally by GWP Slovenia, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, the National Education Institute and DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia, the competition mobilised creative talents to find imaginative ways to highlight river pressures. Young Art Masters from Zagorje, Voličina and Maribor were awarded alongside corporate and public sector winners of a 3-country Bled Water Festival stewardship contest. Read more about the Slovenian Art Masters on the ministry website.

2017 was also the 20th year of the Water Detective contest. Almost 1000 pupils were inspired to take on microplastic pollution in the annual writing, art and science competition. Organized by the Institute for Integrated Development and Environment (ICRO) and Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, mentors encourage the young detectives to explore pollution issues. View the ministry website to see which school won the top prize.

This year’s mega 8th Moja reka (My River.si) challenge saw an impressive 15,000 volunteers clear 8 tonnes of rubbish in 33 clean-up actions. The most diligent rubbish collectors and event organisers were recognised at national award events. View the Moja Reka website to find out more about the competition organised by the Environment Ministry, International Sava River Basin Commission, Tourist Association of Slovenia and Coca-Cola.

Further information

To see how all the countries celebrated in 2017, go to Review 2017. You can also revisit 14 years of Slovenia's Danube Day via the general Review page.

For up-to-the-minute information, please contact:

Barbara Potočnik (barbara.potocnik@gov.si) or Aleš Bizjak (ales.bizjak@gov.si) of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning on +386 1 478 7000.

Danube Art Master: Martina Zupan of GWP Slovenia on +386 1 4273 245; Mobile: +386 40 316 064; martina.zupan@siol.net