Danube Day 2018 in Croatia

Planning is underway for Danube Day 2018. Details will be posted here soon.

Read on for a summary of activities in 2017.

The 2017 'Month of Rivers', running from from Sava Day on the 1st June to Danube Day on the 29th, delivered action in Vukovar, Županja, Slavonski Brod, Sisak, Zagreb and Hungarian borderlands.

National festivities took place in Vukovar, where high-level officials rolled up sleeves to assist divers and volunteers in clearing rubbish above and below the water-line in Lučica. Officials from the Ministry of Environment and Energy and Croatian Waters also met with water management stakeholders at an event involving all levels of government, scientific and business sectors and local communities.

May 2017 saw the return of a children's favourite - Hrvoje, the young turtle - whose adventures encourage the young to learn about and act on water safety, flooding and pollution. A new book for 2017 - 'Hrvoje’s New Adventure: from waste water to clean water' - formed part of an ongoing Ministry - Croatian Waters youth awareness campaign. Water lab road-shows visited schools and public events throughout the summer, giving children the chance to meet experts, check water samples and explore the microscopic world of rivers.

The Drava river set the stage for a joint Hungary-Croatia day nears Barcs in Hungary: neighbouring communities shared traditions, boat trips and fish soup; while international, state, local and civil society officials discussed flood and sustainable river management.

Celebrations of Sava river life - past, present and future - also ran from May to July. Marking 10 years of cooperation within the Our Beautiful Sava campaign, summer fairs were held in Zagreb, Sisak, Županja and Slavonski Brod. June's events emphasized Danube-Sava links, showcasing the region's customs, crafts and cuisine whilst looking to the future with new ideas in tourism, recreation and sustainable development. Events were led by the Ministry Environment and Energy and Croatian Waters, in cooperation with the Sava Commission, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and others.

Further information

For the latest news, contact Croatia's country coordinators:

Marija Vizner (marija.vizner@voda.hr) or Lidija Baras (lidija.baras@voda.hr) of Hrvatske vode (Croatian Waters). See also www.voda.hr.

Sanja Genzić Jurišević of the Ministry of Agriculture.

For Croatia's Danube Art Master contest, contact Adnan Delić of Green Osijek on +385 31 565 181; mobile: +385 97 606 9881; zeleniosijek@zeleni-osijek.hr; adnan@zeleni-osijek.hr.

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