Danube Day 2019 in Serbia

Danube Day 2019

At the national level in Serbia, the celebration of Danube Day 2019 was organized with the support of the Republic Water Directorate in a multitude of cities and municipalities: Belgrade, Backi Monostor, Backa Palanka, Golubac, Veliko Gradiste, Bela Grkva, Negotin, and Golubac i Cuprija.

The core central celebration of Danube Day took place in Belgrade however, on 15th June, aiming to reach elementary schoolchildren and young Serbians.

Zemun - Belgrade, 15th June 2019

The Danube day was celebrated in countries across Europe on June 29th, and at the national level, the central celebration was held on Saturday 15 June at Zemun Quay, on the plateau at the restaurant "Venice″. The slogan of this year's campaign is "Active for a safer Danube",

Around plateau we organized workshops for children and through education about the importance of rivers and ways of their sustainable use and long-term preservation, children had the opportunity learn something new and have fun with friends.

At the summer stage we had a very interesting program, including a performance for children: Music school "Kosta Manojlovic", Ballet studio "Balletino" and Dance club "Latino dens".

Backi Monostor 12,13 and 14th July 2019

Ecological and music festival "Regeneration of the Danube" in Bački Monoštor

1.Interactive activities for children
2. Music performances
3.Interactive activities for parents and children from the asylum center

Novi Sad, 15th June 2019

Children visited Novi Sad, second largest city in Serbia on river Danube

1.Interactive activities for children
2.Visit to Dino park
3.Educational program

Belgrade, from April until 30th June 2019

International competition “Danube Art Master” is the activity of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River and the Global Water Partnership for Central and Eastern Europe. The competition targets the age of 6-18 years and is implemented in all 14 countries on the Danube basin since 2004. Awards were awarded in the categories of art work, video, song/poem.

Belgrade, During June

- Belgrade regatta
- Rowers from different parts of the country and the world
- Ecological action of cleaning river banks
- Educating about rescue and water safety

Golubac, During June

  • Spring eco camp
  • Spring sports day
  • Spring painting colony (art colony)
  • Ecological action of cleaning the Danube riverbank and cleaning the marina
  • Renewal of the Danube office-"Danube office East-Serbia/Golubac"

Belgrade, During June

Ecological educational triathlon for children-boat trip with three parts:

  1. Interactive lecture “Belgrade on Danube river”
  2. Interactive lecture and workshop “Danube river and environment”
  3. Workshop “View at the city from the water and city on the water”

Veliko Gradiste, 29th June 2019

  • Ecological action of cleaning the Danube river
  • Workshop with seeding of plants
  • Cultural and artistic program for the youngest
  • Sport activities and performance for children ″Danube – divine river″

Backa Palanka, 29th June 2019

Children’s creative workshop, exhibition of paintings, “Games without limits” –games for childrens, contest in writing the prettiest verses for Danube river and traditionally, on this occasion children sent a symbolic message on the boats made of paper to children living on the banks of the Danube.

Cuprija, 22nd June 2019

  • Central celebration “Nature keepers”
  • Theatre play
  • Workshops and educational quizzes
  • Sport competitions and
  • Art colony

Bela Crkva, during June and July

Ecological action developing environmental awareness and building a new relationship between people and environment

  • Interactive activities for children's, and parents and participants
  • Workshops and educational quizzes
  • Art workshops for the children
  • First aid training for the children

Further information

To see how all the countries celebrated in 2018, go to Review 2018. You can also revisit 15 years of Serbia's Danube Day via the general Review page.

For the latest news, please contact:

Milica Milenkovic of the Republic Directorate for Water: +381 11 201 33 56; Mobile: +381 60 0625 515; milica [dot] milenkovicatminpolj [dot] gov [dot] rs.

For news of Serbia's Danube Art Master contest, contact Dušica Trnavac Bogdanovic of the Young Researchers of Serbia on +381 11 311 66 63; mobile: +381 638 737 170; dusicaatmis [dot] org [dot] rs.