Danube Day 2018 in Serbia

Danube Day is coming to a city near you! Read on for upcoming events throughout the summer and to see how Belgrade kicked off its Danube Day 2018 with a national event at Zemin Quay.

Join us in the capital on July 1st and 9th for the Great Belgrade Regatta. Taking place on a 50 km stretch of the Sava and Danube rivers, the 2-day international regatta attracts participants from across Europe.
Dates: Sunday 1st July and Monday 9th July 2018

Danube Day spreads across the country all summer! Between May 15th and August 15th, 30 cities pay tribute to the Danube rivers through special events. There are interactive workshops for children and adults; a programme of cultural, educational and sports events; riverside tree-planting actions and lectures on environmental protection and water conservation.
Dates: Tuesday May 15th - Wednesday 15th August 2018

Serbia's national Danube Day at Zemun Quay  featured fun and informative workshops to foster young people’s enthusiasm for their rivers. This festival of the Danube also brought music, theatre, art, traditions and sport to the river and the street. Children enjoyed environmental games and hands-on activities, including encounters with Danube wildlife. Volunteers got active clearing litter from the riverside. Free lectures highlighted ongoing actions towards sustainable river management and explained how to get involved in protecting your river. A workshop on sediment transport by the Jaroslav ńĆerni Water Institute encouraged children and adults to paint stones with messages of solidarity. These were then placed in the river, transforming them into 'water mail' sent to the downstream countries. Read about the partnership of ministry, local authority, NGO and business responsible for the annual festivities on the website of main organisers, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Republic Directorate for Water.
Date: Saturday 9th June 2018

The event also saw the awarding of Serbia's winners in the international Danube Art Master contest for 2018. This annual 14-country art extravaganza tasks children to visit rivers and create an artwork from found materials or a video showcasing ideas for a healthier Danube. See the website of the Young Researchers of Serbia, national organisers, or view the Serbian factsheet for more details. Two winners go on to the international final later this year.
Entry period: 20th April – 31st May 2018. 

Further information

For the latest news, please contact:

Milica Milenkovic of the Republic Directorate for Water: +381 11 201 33 56; Mobile: +381 60 0625 515; milica.milenkovic@minpolj.gov.rs.

For news of Serbia's Danube Art Master contest, contact Dušica Trnavac Bogdanovic of the Young Researchers of Serbia on +381 11 311 66 63; mobile: +381 638 737 170; dusica@mis.org.rs.

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