Welcome to Danube Day 2021


Due to the various restrictions on public gatherings throughout the Danube River Basin as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, 2020's Danube Day celebrations were shifted, and the public were invited to #DiscoverDanube online!

It remains very likely that 2021's events will happen online – watch this space.

Although it wasn't intended, our motto continues to fit the situation, and our partners throughout the Danube River will be continuing to educate and inform you all about the Danube River, and will remain happy to answer any and all queries you may have. Our partners all remained involved in Danube Day 2020, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with them or us.

The Danube Day poster design for 2021 is currently under production, featuring the motto "Discover Danube". Keep on the lookout out for our signature Danube Day branded bags too – which were sent out to our partners throughout the Danube River Basin as normal.

What Happened in 2020 (despite the crisis)?

Despite almost all of our activities being either cancelled or postponed indefinitely for 2020, our member countries rose to the challenge to keep the Danube Day spirit alive throughout this global crisis. Here's some of what has gone on throughout 2020...


  • There was a dedicated edition of Vodohospodársky Spravodajca ('Water Management Newsletter', a bi-monthly journal) to Danube Day.
  • There was a special topic on water and information about the Danube Day in the edition of Enviromagazín (bi-monthly journal published by Slovak environmental Agency).
  • On Friday 26th June, there was a clean-up activity organised by Vodohospodárska výstavba and Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik. Aiming to collect garbage on and around benches along the Danube within the vicinity of Gabčikovo, some 500 volunteers joined in.


  • The Danube Passport from previous years lived on in 2020 – but this time in an online format.
  • A web page and quiz game are under construction.


  • Dedicated Austrian Danube Day website: www.danubeday.at
  • A learning/quiz app PLAY DANUBE  is under construction and will appear in the app store (German only)
  • There was an ONLINE EVENT – With a famous TV-Star for kids (details tbc)
  • Many important actions on Social Media (campaign with Videos)
  • June was the month of Danube in Austria.


  • The Serbian Danube Day team created a platform on their website: www.srbijavode.rs
  • The website includes educational short films about the sights of the Danube River, and a quiz for participants to take to test their Danube knowledge!

What Happened In 2019?

Danube Day 2019 was a celebration of safer rivers following 25 years of groundbreaking international cooperation in the region. Festivals along the banks of the Danube and throughout major cities, including various fun activities and educational events paid tribute to the river, its peoples, and the progress made in three decades of action.

Events took place in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, SlovakiaHungary, SloveniaCroatiaBosnia-HerzegovinaSerbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. Such events strengthen our "Danube solidarity": in spite of different cultures and histories, we have a shared desire and responsibility to protect our precious resource.

Read the ICPDR Danube Day press release to find out about the unique 14-country partnership that's active for a healthier Danube. How people use, enjoy and cooperate over their rivers is directly affected by the events of Danube Day.

Why not get 'active for the Danube' at home, and try out the Danube Adventure Game now?








  • Danube Day 2018 in Ukraine: children celebrating the Tisza rivers in Kvasovo © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Danube Day 2018 in Ukraine: medieval festivities at the site of Kvasovo Castle on the Tisza © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Danube Day 2018 in Moldova: celebrating age-old Danube traditions at the southern tip of the country © Dumitru Drumea
  • Danube Day 2018 in Romania: the children's event led by the Arges Vedea Water Basin Administration was one of 60 actions in the country © WBA Arges-Vedea
  • Danube Day 2018 in Romania: Ioan Denes, Minister for Waters and Forests at the children's event in Orșova city © WBA Banat
  • Danube Day 2018 in Rousse, Bulgaria: 200 musicians come together for a Danube Day concert at the State Opera House.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Persina, Bulgaria: celebrating 7 years of the WWF-ICPDR-Coca-Cola Living Danube Partnership © WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme
  • Danube Day 2018 in Montenegro organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Zabljak Tourist Organisation.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Serbia: getting ready to send their 'water-mail' messages of Danube solidarity to downstream countries.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Bosnia-Herzegovina: a trip to the Bosna river fosters enthusiasm for river conservation © Ekotim
  • Danube Day 2018 in Croatia: community action in Ilok led by Hrvatske vode, local groups and Coca-Cola HBC.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Slovenia: tackling barriers to sustainable water management at the Bled Water Festival © BWF / Jaka Valjavec
  • Joint Hungarian-Serbian Danube Day 2018 in Érsekcsanád, near Baja: ICPDR Executive Secretary Ivan Zavadksy © General Directorate of Water Management
  • Joint Hungarian-Serbian Danube Day 2018 in Érsekcsanád: preparing the fish soup © General Directorate of Water Management
  • Danube Day 2018 in Érsekcsanád, Hungary: the culmination of a two-day festival organised by the General Directorate of Water Management of Hungary and the South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate © General Directorate of Water Management
  • Danube Day 2018 in Bratislava: explaining the why and how of water conservation to children at the Ministry of Environment © Ministry of the Environment
  • Danube Day 2018 in Gabčíkovo, Slovakia: river cruises, rescue demonstrations and family entertainment topped the bill © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Danube Day 2018 in Vienna: one thousand children enjoyed a day of eco challenges, fascinating facts, creatures, crafts and competitions © BMNT / Paul Gruber
  • Danube Day 2018 in Austria: marking 24 years of basin-wide cooperation at the Vienna International Centre.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Prague: engaging the next generation at the Czech Water Research Institute Open Day.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Bavaria, Germany: Dr Marcel Huber, Bavarian State Minister, signs a declaration creating a ‘people-free’ Danube island in Neuburg.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Ulm / Neu Ulm, Germany: learning about rivers with 'hands-on' and 'feet-in' exhibits at the Danube Festival! © Ute Hellstern / RPT
  • Danube Day 2018 in Ulm / Neu Ulm, Germany: the International Danube Festival opened with a parade of 650 flags representing Danube diversity © Donaubüro
  • Danube Day 2017 in Germany: young Bavarian winners of the Danube Art Master contest in Schloss Grünau.
  • Danube Day 2017 in the Czech Republic: learning about rivers in Mosty u Jablunkova's 'Children's Challenge' © Veronika Matuszná
  • Danube Day 2017 in Austria: Cheering for rivers in Vienna's Stadtpark festival © Danube Day Austria
  • Danube Day 2017 in Slovakia: celebrating traditions in Gabčíkovo © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Danube Day 2017 in Hungary: Helping to restock the Danube with sterlets at Children's Island in Budapest © Hungarian Ministry of Interior
  • Danube Day 2017 in Slovenia: Pupils from Rodica school winning top prize for their wastewater project at the Bled Water Festival © BWF Archive
  • Danube Day 2017 in Croatia: Ministry and city officials get active in the Vukovar river clean-up © Grad Vukovar⁄ Miroslav Šlafhauzer
  • International winner of the Danube Art Master contest for 2017: 'Bridge' by students from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Danube Day 2017 in Serbia: Helping to conserve sturgeon in Prahovo © WWF Serbia
  • Danube Day 2017 in Moldova: Celebrating Danube traditions in Djurdjulesti © Dumitru Drumea
  • Danube Day 2017 in Romania: Inspiring the next generation to get active for the Danube rivers © WBA Arges
  • Danube Day 2017 in Bulgaria: Enough soup for everyone at the Danube Fish Cook-Off.
  • Ukrainian-Romanian Danube Day 2017 in Tyachiv: Sharing Romanian traditions at the cross-border festival © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Joint Ukrainian-Hungarian Danube Day in 2016: the Zakarpattya National Chorus © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Joint Hungarian-Ukrainian Danube Day in 2016: taste-testing the ultimate local fish soup!
  • Danube Day 2016 in Moldova: festivities in Cahul.
  • Danube Day 2016 in Romania: enjoying a lesson on water science in Craiova © WBA Jiu
  • Danube Day 2016 in Bulgaria: water testing workshop for teenagers in Baykal.
  • Danube Day 2016 in Serbia: getting active for the rivers by clearing bankside litter in Donji Milanovac © Donji Milanovac Tourist Organisation
  • Danube Day 2016 in Slovenia: cyclists from the four Sava countries completed an epic 900 km trip to spread awareness of Danube and Sava rivers.
  • Danube Day 2016 in Hungary: Budapest children restocking the Danube with sterlets!
  • Danube Day 2016 in Slovakia: inspiring children with hands-on science at the Environment Ministry in Bratislava © Tomas Hajdin / VUVH
  • Danube Day 2016 in Austria: Working together to construct a mobile flood defence barrier at Vienna's Danube Day © Danube Day Austria
  • Danube Day 2016 in the Czech Republic: proud Moravian artists in Mosty u Jablunkova © Mostík Family Centre
  • Danube Day 2016 in Germany: Danube flag parade at the opening of the International Danube Festival in Ulm © Donaubüro Ulm/Neu-Ulm
  • Danube Day 2015 in Germany: opening ceremony in Bavaria attended by the Bavarian Environment Minister Ulrike Scharf © Bavarian Ministry of the Environment & Consumer Protection
  • Danube Day 2015 in Austria: Federal Ministers, Jörg Leichtfried (left) and Andrä Rupprechter (right), and Vienna Environment Councillor, Ulli Sima, with Viennese pupils © Danube Day Austria
  • Danube Day 2015 in Slovakia: central celebration © Vodohospodárska výstavba, š.p.
  • Danube Day 2015 in Croatia: Dražen Kurečić, 2015 ICPDR President
  • Hungary's 2015 Danube Art Master
  • Danube Day 2015 in Serbia: festivities in Odzaci
  • 2015 winner of the international Danube Art Master: Black Swan from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Danube Day 2015 in Romania: Collecting rubbish on the Crisul Repede © Bogdan Ghita / ABA Crisuri
  • Bulgaria's Danube Art Master 2015
  • 'Disappointed Fisherman', an entry in Moldova's 2015 Danube Art Master competition
  • Danube Day 2015 in Ukraine: dressed for a Grand Danube Masquerade
  • Danube Day 2014 in Ukraine: Kvasovo children map-out their country united by rivers © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Danube Day 2014 in Moldova: Deputy Minister Lazar Chirica awards young artists.
  • Danube Day 2014 in Bulgaria: superb spectacle at Persina Natural Park.
  • Danube Day 2014 in Romania: festivities led by Eşelnita Commune Hall & Cazanele Dunării NGO © ABA Jiu
  • Danube Art Master 2014 in Bosnia-Herzegovina: prize winner, Ena Havic, and her family © Ekotim
  • Danube Day 2014 in Slovenia: exploring water & energy in the Ministry/Coca-Cola HBC Slovenia ‘You’re My River’ contest © Moja Reka Slovenia
  • Danube Day 2014 in Hungary: Péter Kovács (State Secretary for Water) & Imre Hoffmann (Deputy State Secretary for Public Employment) at the Danube seminar in the Ministry of the Interior © Csattos Pál
  • Danube Day 2014 in Slovakia © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Danube Day 2014 in Austria: from right: Ivan Zavadsky (ICPDR); Doris Bures (Minister for Transport); Reinhard Mang (General Secretary of the Lebensministerium); Ulli Sima (Vienna Environment Councillor) & Karin Zipperer (Hafen Wien) © Danube Day Austria/Matthias Hombauer
  • Danube Day in Serbia
  • Danube Day 2013 in Ulm, Germany © Anna Brugger / Danube Office
  • Winning entry in the 2013 Czech Danube Art Master competition
  • Danube Day 2013 in Vienna © Danube Day Austria / Matthias Hombauer
  • Facing the Danube Challenge in Austria! © Foto Andi Bruckner www.andibruckner.com
  • Danube Day 2013 in Budapest © www.kormany.hu / Árvai Károly
  • Danube Day 2013 in Budapest © www.kormany.hu / Árvai Károly
  • Danube Day 2013 in Slovakia © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Slovenia's 2013 Moja reka competition
  • 2013 Danube Art Master entrants from Slovenia
  • Danube Day 2013 in Croatia © Zeleni Osijek
  • Danube Day 2014 in the Czech Republic: staff from the Water Protection Dept. say goodbye to the ‘Danube Day Fish United Flag’ as it continues its 14-year journey through the Basin.
  • Danube Day in Hungary
  • Winning entry in the 2013 international Danube Art Master competition - from Croatia
  • Danube Day 2013 in Belgrade
  • Danube Day 2013 in Bosnia-Herzegovina © Ekotim
  • Danube Day 2013 in Romania © ABA Crisuri
  • Danube Day 2013 in Romania © ABA Arges-Vedea
  • Danube Day 2013 in Baykal, Bulgaria © DRBD
  • Danube Day in Moldova
  • Danube Day in Ukraine
  • Clearing the Borzhava on Danube Day 2013 in Ukraine © Andriy Bublik / Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Danube Day in Ukraine
  • 2019 ICPDR President Kovacs at Danube Day in Hungary
  • Sava Youth Parliament at Danube Day 2019 in Slovenia