2023 in Review

While the 2020 and 2021 Danube Day celebrations had to accommodate COVID-19 safety restrictions by holding online events, since 2022, we have seen the return of outdoor events throughout several Danube countries! This year’s theme is “Keep the Danube Blue,” inspired by the 4th Joint Danube Survey (JDS4), one of the world’s most comprehensive surface water monitoring efforts. The findings of JDS4, first published in 2021, have been disseminated throughout the Danube River Basin to inform the public about vital data on water quality across the Danube River and its major tributaries.

The Danube Day poster design for 2023 features the motto Keep the Danube Blue”, this time against a blue background. Like every year, our signature Danube Day branded bags have been sent out to our partners throughout the Danube River Basin to distribute to the public.

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2023 Activities


This year's festivities were held in cooperation with viadonau, Stadt Wien – Wiener Gewässe, and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism (Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Tourismus)

  • On June 19th, In cooperation with the LIFE WILDisland project, three boats with 20 students traveled from Fischamend to Haslau. In addition to getting to know animals and plants, the banks of the Danube, and the islands, a joint garbage collection campaign was on the program.

  • Additionally, on June 20th, school groups were invited to widen and test their knowledge of the Danube at eight interactive stations in the Donau-Auen National Park. About 14 school groups with 320 students from Vienna & Lower Austria participated in the Danube Day events. The young researchers were invited to solve the riddle of the "mumbling mussels" to learn about mosquitoes' life cycles and about measuring the Danube River.



Over 50 events in over 20 locations took place across Bulgaria with over 25,000 individual organizers and participants!

  • In Vidin, Danube Day was celebrated with a spectacular light show and an impressive 3D Mapping of the "Baba Vida" fortress. Thousands of residents and guests of the city enjoyed the breathtaking, colorful extravaganza of fireworks and light effects. The organizers of the events were the Municipality of Vidin and Event Masters, with the assistance of Adventures in Belogradchik.
  • An information campaign was held in Lom on the Day of the Danube River. Young people from the local student club on environmental protection distributed educational materials with environmental themes. The dedication of drawings on the theme of river protection and a big concert with famous performers were also organized.
  • In Dolni Tsibar, a cycling race and educational activities on the riverbank were organized this year by the UCK - Valchedrum and the municipality of Valchedrum.

  • The “Noise of the River" festival in Kozloduy included a cleanup of the coastal strip, sports games and attractions, and entertainment. This year, many of the town celebrations were aimed at children, with artworks created by children displayed on white stones and a game that involved the discovery of ten treasures. Each "treasure" contained interesting information about the Danube.
  • Similarly, a "Keep the Danube Blue" event was held in Nikopol with music, quizzes, a children's drawing competition, and fun games. Traditionally, events for the Danube are held in Nikopol for over a month.
  • The city of Belene organized dozens of concerts, educational initiatives, and competitions. A culinary competition, "Danube Table," with traditional regional dishes, was among the highlights.

  • Lastly, in Silistra, several performances were held by the City Wind Orchestra, a children's show with actors of DKT, Silistra Drama and Puppet Theater, and an Auto and summer cinema under the stars.

  • This year’s festivities were made possible with the help of:
    DRBD, Vidin Municipality, Lom Municipality, United children's complex, SERAW, Kozloduy NPP, Kozloduy Municipality, Dolna Mitropolia Municipality, Ivo Jokin, Nikopol Municipality, APREDAK 1871 community center, Belene Municipality, RIEW – Montana, RIEW – Ruse, Ruse Municipality, Tutrakan Municipality, and the Silistra Municipality


  • Croatian Waters held a promotion of a new Picture book related to climate change as part of the Croatian water educational program for children.
  • Danube Fest in Vukovar traditionally with a rich cultural and educative program, film: “Vučedolska golubica” promotion, Plamingo Arts-Fire Show, a Regatta of boats made from recycled materials, public conversation about River Navigation, and a joint garbage collection campaign also on the program. Participants: citizens and guests of Vukovar.
  • Croatian experts shared experiences related to the examples from the 2021 National Implementation Report regarding the promotion of transparency and public participation in the two international water management commissions: the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River - ICPDR and the International Sava River Basin Commission - Sava Commission in thematic session on the promotion of the principles of the Convention in international forums.

© Croatian Waters © Croatian Waters

Czech Republic

  • An Open Day was held at T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. The morning program was dedicated to children and primary school pupils, and the afternoon to the public.
  • In addition to the tour of the institution, the work of the largest commission dealing with the protection of watercourses was also presented (ICPDR).
  • Lastly, in solidarity with fellow Danube member Ukraine, a large package filled with drawings and messages from the children who stopped by was sent to the secretariat in Vienna to be shared with the children of Ukraine.

© Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka, v.v.i. © Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka, v.v.i.


This year many separate Danube Day events were held throughout Germany!


In cooperation with the arts organization donumenta e.V. which supervises artists from the Danube region in Regensburg, an open art and science day took place.

  • The opening of the Danube Day took place in the historical Salzstadel, now the world heritage center of Regensburg. Maria Lang from the Regensburg cultural agency, Regina Hellwig-Schmid from donumenta e.V., and Josef Feuchtgruber from the Bavarian Water Agency all spoke about the importance of the Danube River and region and the significance of the Danube Day. They were followed by the presentation of two art installations.
  • Dimitar Solakov from Bulgaria presented his installation of a sturgeon as an interaction between nature and humans near the Stoney bridge named “historical future present.”
  • Tonka Malekovic presented her installation “compositions of flow” on the Stoney bridge, which speaks on human migration in the Danube region. She was accompanied by Sophia Freidhoff, who spoke on the scientific site of the migration.

© Stephanie Kexel © Stephanie Kexel


This year, the main event in Hungary was Children's Danube Day.

  • After the past years of mostly online celebrations, a big family/children event was organized with the coordination of the Ministry of Interior. The event was organized on the Hjógyári Szget as a part of the Children's Island festival in Budapest on the 17th of June.

  • During the day’s program, children and their families participated in several fun games and contests, such as quizzes and memory games about the Danube and Hungary’s hydrography. From toddlers to pensioners, everyone could find activities, games, and new information related to the Danube and water.

  • Guests could learn about the Danube River Basin ecosystem by participating in various activities and games. If they completed all the tasks, they received a gift package that included Danube Day bags. 

  • As usual, children got a Danube Passport to discover all the activities included in the program: learning about the flora and fauna of the rivers and wetlands, getting to know the endangered and protected fishes, learning about the hydrologic cycle and what we can do to preserve our precious fresh water.

  • Guests were also invited to the shores of the Danube, where they let 300 sterlets in the river!

Children looking at presentation during Danube Day

This year’s festivities were made possible with the help of:

  • Belügyminisztérium Országos Katasztrófavédelmi Főigazgatóság, Dunakanyar Kultúrtáj és Környezetvédelmi Egyesület, Duna Múzeum, Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park, Energiaügyi Minisztérium, GWP Magyarország Alapítvány, Herman Ottó Intézet, Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium, Országos Vízügyi Főigazgatóság and the Rideg & Rideg Fish Farm.

Families at Danube Day


This year, around 500 people throughout Moldova celebrated Danube Day with various activities.

  • Different Folk festivals were held, such as one organized by children from different summer camps. It included music dedicated to the region’s natural heritage and presentations on local traditions on the use of regional trades in day-to-day activities like cooking, clothing, tools, and instruments.
  • Participants also presented their knowledge of the Danube/Prut rivers and their views on future activities to protect the Danube/Prut rivers. They spoke about regional school visit exchanges with Romania, where they also participated in joint nature conservation actions (tree planting, art masters, etc.)
  • Events were also held in the village of Calinetsi, such as a trip along the Prut River (5-6 km). Around 150 children and educational staff were involved in the celebrations.
  • In the Falesti town public library and elementary school, folk events from Moldova and Romania were organized, with presentations on traditional clothes and performances of songs and dances from the middle part of the Prut basin in Moldova and Romania. A total of around 200 people attended these events.
  • In celebration of the Danube Art Master competition, an event was organized in a summer camp with around 30 pictures presented on topics such as climate change, water ecosystems, pollution, etc. Participants received small gifts from the organizers and Danube Day bags (provided by the ICPDR.)


Celebrations were held thanks to the support and coordination of the Ministry of Education and Research of Moldova, local public authorities from the Falesti district, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Platform, the Institute of Ecology and Geography, and GWP Moldova.


With the support of the Water Basin Administrations and local authorities over 850 people participated in activities across Romania.

  • The Arges Vedea Water Basin Administration held a special meeting of the Basin Committee to emphasize the importance of measures to achieve the good status of the Danube River and its tributaries.
  • The Water Management System Teleorman invited children to celebrate Danube Day on a boat ride on the Danube with the Sarmizegetusa ship.
  • The Banat Water Basin Administration organized eco-educational activities for secondary and high school students, which included lessons on aquatic ecosystems and water quality.
  • Buzau-Ialomita Water Basin Administration held a joint greening campaign organized by the Ialomita Water Management System and Braila Water Management System on the embankment of the Danube River.
  • County Council Călărași, with the support of Alexandru Odobescu County Library, Mâini deschise Association, and Dunărea de Jos Museum, organized activities aimed to underline the importance of the Danube River and the importance of protecting waters resources.
  • Dobrogea Litoral Water Basin Administration and Tulcea Water Management System organized several greening and protecting projects in Letea Forest.
  • Olt Water Basin Administration and Olt Water Management System have organized Open Doors Day for the children.  The specialists showed how water quality is analyzed. They took samples, performed different analyses, and taught the children about various organisms that live in water.


  • Jiu Water Basin Administration held different activities in the month of June. Beautifying events were held on the banks of the Danube River, in the area of the Bechet port, the area of Rast (Dolj county), Gârla Mare, and Simian Island (Mehedinți county.)
  • In Garla Mare, Mehedinty County, a big fish contest was organized in which essays, drawings, and painting contests were held,  as well as educational activities related to the biodiversity of the Danube River.
  • Prut Bârlad Water Basin Administration and Galati Water Management System organized activities, including a lesson on water pollution where specialists and children analyzed the water. They also enjoyed a boat cruise on the Danube.
  • Somes Tisa Water Basin Administration and Salaj Water Management System also organized a fish contest for 100 children with the support of the County Association of Sports Hunters and Fishermen from Sălaj City.
  • In partnership with "Dumitru Mangeron" Technological High School Bacău, the Siret Water Basin Administration organized a large competition on environmental protection, "Eco-reporters in action."  The competition concluded with a student mini-camp between June 29 and July 2.
  • Crisuri Water Basin Administration organized activities in which over 130 students interacted constructively and improved their knowledge about the world of water.


  • PWMC "Srbijavode" collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - Republic Water Directorate, the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, and the Faculty of Forestry University of Belgrade to host educational activities for children and an exhibition called "From Belgrade's Rivers" at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade. The exhibition focused on the Danube River.
  • The PWMC Vode Vojvodine has a longstanding tradition of hosting a recreational regatta to celebrate Danube Day. This event has grown to become one of our country's most significant multi-day recreational navigation gatherings. Marking its 13th year, the Vode Vojvodine Regatta embarked on its journey on June 21, 2023, departing from Novi Sad. Over ten days, more than 80 boats and 263 participants cruised through picturesque lowlands for approximately 250 kilometers. 

© Branko Cankovic, PWMC Srbijavode, & Nenad Mihajlovic  © Branko Cankovic, PWMC Srbijavode, & Nenad Mihajlovic

  • In partnership with the City of Novi Sad, PWMC Vode Vojvodine organized an event on the renowned Danube beach in Novi Sad and welcomed people of all ages to engage in various activities. Children participated in a specially designed memory game to learn about the animal species residing within nature parks along the Danube River and the Danube-Tisa-Danube Hydrosystem. In the late afternoon, the beach held a rock concert, followed by the performance of fire dancers and a spectacular firework show.

© Branko Cankovic, PWMC Srbijavode, & Nenad Mihajlovic


  • Slovak Water Management Enterprise and the Ministry of Environment held a Danube Day for Slovak school children. Winners of the Danube Master of Art 2023 competition were awarded prizes in two categories: work of art and map. After the ceremony, around 200 children went on a boat trip on the Danube. Students also participated in activities such as a flame and fog in a bottle demonstration and a short quiz on air quality.
  • BROZ surprised students with an intro to Dunajské Kleton. Bojnice Zoo showed bird feathers under a microscope. Danube displays were set up by the Slovak Museum of Nature Conservation, the Research Institute of Water Management, and the Slovak Fishermen's Association.
  • Slovak organizations created educational toys and held events to teach children about water management and nature conservation. These included making adventure toys from recycled materials and creating wooden puzzles of birds, amphibians, and insects. The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute celebrated Danube Day under Devín Castle, allowing the public to learn about measuring water flow, discovering river animals, and simulating rain.
  • The Ministry of Environment and GWP Slovakia held a workshop on integrated water resources management. Stakeholders discussed the importance of achieving good status for water bodies through the River Basin Management Plan. A report on the outcomes will be released in October 2023.
  • Find out more here:
    Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
    Bratislava Regional Conservation Association


On June 1 2023, Slovenia held a screening of the award-winning film One for the River: The Sava Story.

  • The film, produced by Rok Rozman and directed by Rožle Bregar, follows four kayakers on an exciting 11-day journey across the Slovenian part of the Sava River.
  • After the screening followed a talk on the Sava river with Rozman and visual artists Metod Blejec and Una Rebić, who carried out the art project Flowalking ~ Sava last year.
  • The event took place in the Museum and Galleries in Ljubljana.
  • Watch the trailer here!


With cooperation between the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine (SAWR), Prut, the Siret Basin Authority, EU4Environment Water Resources, and Vyzhnitsya town administration, around 110 people took part in the main event in Chernivtsi (Prut and Siret River basin.) The event included:

  • Presentation of the current RBMP and discussion of its implementation.
  • Joint action with the ICPDR “Danube solidary” (we read the messages we got from ICPDR and other countries concerning the difficult situation in which Ukraine is and wrote the answers).
  • Exhibition of the items produced from recycled plastic.
  • Auction of the things made from recycled plastic (toys, pictures, and even benches) to collect funds to buy an accumulator for the military men from the Prut and Siret river basin. There was also a joint clean-up at the banks of Cheremosh, the biggest tributary of Prut.



  • Danube Day 2018 in Persina, Bulgaria: celebrating 7 years of the WWF-ICPDR-Coca-Cola Living Danube Partnership © WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme
  • Danube Day 2018 in Serbia: getting ready to send their 'water-mail' messages of Danube solidarity to downstream countries.
  • Danube Day 2018 in Bosnia-Herzegovina: a trip to the Bosna river fosters enthusiasm for river conservation © Ekotim
  • Danube Day 2018 in Slovenia: tackling barriers to sustainable water management at the Bled Water Festival © BWF / Jaka Valjavec
  • Danube Day 2018 in Bratislava: explaining the why and how of water conservation to children at the Ministry of Environment © Ministry of the Environment
  • Danube Day 2018 in Ulm / Neu Ulm, Germany: learning about rivers with 'hands-on' and 'feet-in' exhibits at the Danube Festival! © Ute Hellstern / RPT
  • Danube Day 2017 in Germany: young Bavarian winners of the Danube Art Master contest in Schloss Grünau.
  • Danube Day 2017 in the Czech Republic: learning about rivers in Mosty u Jablunkova's 'Children's Challenge' © Veronika Matuszná
  • Danube Day 2017 in Slovakia: celebrating traditions in Gabčíkovo © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Danube Day 2017 in Slovenia: Pupils from Rodica school winning top prize for their wastewater project at the Bled Water Festival © BWF Archive
  • Danube Day 2017 in Romania: Inspiring the next generation to get active for the Danube rivers © WBA Arges
  • Joint Ukrainian-Hungarian Danube Day in 2016: the Zakarpattya National Chorus © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Danube Day 2016 in Moldova: festivities in Cahul.
  • Danube Day 2016 in Romania: enjoying a lesson on water science in Craiova © WBA Jiu
  • Danube Day 2016 in Slovenia: cyclists from the four Sava countries completed an epic 900 km trip to spread awareness of Danube and Sava rivers.
  • Danube Day 2016 in Hungary: Budapest children restocking the Danube with sterlets!
  • Danube Day 2016 in Slovakia: inspiring children with hands-on science at the Environment Ministry in Bratislava © Tomas Hajdin / VUVH
  • Danube Day 2016 in Austria: Working together to construct a mobile flood defence barrier at Vienna's Danube Day © Danube Day Austria
  • Danube Day 2016 in the Czech Republic: proud Moravian artists in Mosty u Jablunkova © Mostík Family Centre
  • Danube Day 2016 in Germany: Danube flag parade at the opening of the International Danube Festival in Ulm © Donaubüro Ulm/Neu-Ulm
  • Danube Day 2015 in Germany: opening ceremony in Bavaria attended by the Bavarian Environment Minister Ulrike Scharf © Bavarian Ministry of the Environment & Consumer Protection
  • Danube Day 2015 in Austria: Federal Ministers, Jörg Leichtfried (left) and Andrä Rupprechter (right), and Vienna Environment Councillor, Ulli Sima, with Viennese pupils © Danube Day Austria
  • Danube Day 2015 in Slovakia: central celebration © Vodohospodárska výstavba, š.p.
  • Danube Day 2015 in Croatia: Dražen Kurečić, 2015 ICPDR President
  • Hungary's 2015 Danube Art Master
  • Danube Day 2015 in Serbia: festivities in Odzaci
  • 2015 winner of the international Danube Art Master: Black Swan from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Danube Day 2015 in Romania: Collecting rubbish on the Crisul Repede © Bogdan Ghita / ABA Crisuri
  • Bulgaria's Danube Art Master 2015
  • 'Disappointed Fisherman', an entry in Moldova's 2015 Danube Art Master competition
  • Danube Day 2015 in Ukraine: dressed for a Grand Danube Masquerade
  • Danube Day 2014 in Ukraine: Kvasovo children map-out their country united by rivers © Ostap Tsapulych
  • Danube Day 2014 in Moldova: Deputy Minister Lazar Chirica awards young artists.
  • Danube Day 2014 in Bulgaria: superb spectacle at Persina Natural Park.
  • Danube Day 2014 in Romania: festivities led by Eşelnita Commune Hall & Cazanele Dunării NGO © ABA Jiu
  • Danube Art Master 2014 in Bosnia-Herzegovina: prize winner, Ena Havic, and her family © Ekotim
  • Danube Day 2014 in Slovenia: exploring water & energy in the Ministry/Coca-Cola HBC Slovenia ‘You’re My River’ contest © Moja Reka Slovenia
  • Danube Day 2014 in Hungary: Péter Kovács (State Secretary for Water) & Imre Hoffmann (Deputy State Secretary for Public Employment) at the Danube seminar in the Ministry of the Interior © Csattos Pál
  • Danube Day 2014 in Slovakia © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Danube Day 2014 in Austria: from right: Ivan Zavadsky (ICPDR); Doris Bures (Minister for Transport); Reinhard Mang (General Secretary of the Lebensministerium); Ulli Sima (Vienna Environment Councillor) & Karin Zipperer (Hafen Wien) © Danube Day Austria/Matthias Hombauer
  • Danube Day in Serbia
  • Danube Day 2013 in Ulm, Germany © Anna Brugger / Danube Office
  • Winning entry in the 2013 Czech Danube Art Master competition
  • Danube Day 2013 in Vienna © Danube Day Austria / Matthias Hombauer
  • Facing the Danube Challenge in Austria! © Foto Andi Bruckner www.andibruckner.com
  • Danube Day 2013 in Budapest © www.kormany.hu / Árvai Károly
  • Danube Day 2013 in Budapest © www.kormany.hu / Árvai Károly
  • Danube Day 2013 in Slovakia © Vodohospodárska výstavba
  • Slovenia's 2013 Moja reka competition
  • 2013 Danube Art Master entrants from Slovenia
  • Danube Day 2013 in Croatia © Zeleni Osijek
  • Danube Day 2014 in the Czech Republic: staff from the Water Protection Dept. say goodbye to the ‘Danube Day Fish United Flag’ as it continues its 14-year journey through the Basin.
  • Danube Day in Hungary
  • Winning entry in the 2013 international Danube Art Master competition - from Croatia
  • Danube Day 2013 in Belgrade
  • Danube Day 2013 in Bosnia-Herzegovina © Ekotim
  • Danube Day 2013 in Romania © ABA Crisuri
  • Danube Day 2013 in Romania © ABA Arges-Vedea
  • Danube Day 2013 in Baykal, Bulgaria © DRBD
  • Danube Day in Moldova
  • Danube Day in Ukraine
  • Clearing the Borzhava on Danube Day 2013 in Ukraine © Andriy Bublik / Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Danube Day in Ukraine
  • 2019 ICPDR President Kovacs at Danube Day in Hungary
  • Sava Youth Parliament at Danube Day 2019 in Slovenia
  • Joint Sava & Danube Day celebrations in Slovenia, 2021
  • Joint Sava & Danube Day celebrations in Slovenia, 2021
  • At the Aquarium Club picture exhibition in Beius County, Romania, 2021
  • Little ecologists in Beius County, Romania, 2021
  • Cleaning activity at the Black Sea, Romania, 2021
  • Danube Day 2021 Workshop, Romania
  • At the Aquarium Club picture exhibition in Beius County, Romania 2021
  • At the Aquarium Club picture exhibition in Beius County, Romania, 2021
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • Danube Day 2021 at the Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary
  • A Slovak Excursion at Donau Auen, 9 July 2021
  • A Slovak Excursion at Donau Auen, 9 July 2021
  • Danube Day 2021 conference in Lower Prut, Moldova [Photo credit: Dumitru Drumea]